Novex BBS Phase Contrast Microscope

Novex BBS binocular phase contrast microscope for fibre counting. Brand new for only £2750+vat.


Novex phase contrast microscope fibre counting

  • Two 12.5x wide field, high eye point focusable eyepieces with rubber shields
  • Walton & Beckett type 22 reticle
  • 40x 0.65NA phase objective
  • 10x phase or 4x objective for low-magnification filter scan
  • Abbe condenser with centrable iris
  • Slide-insert centrable phase rings
  • X-y transfer controls below mechanical stage
  • Kohler-type illumination
  • Field iris
  • Phase telescope
  • Green filter
  • Luxury foam-lined case
  • Dust cover

This phase contrast microscope with all of the above accessories is available for only £2750 ex-VAT.

Novex Phase Contrast MicroscopeDeveloped with assistance from Jean Prentice MSc (Hons) of McCrone Consulting LLP, this microscope is fully compliant with the HSG 248 requirements for phase contrast microscopes used for fibre counting.

The microscope is simple and easy to use, and easy to transport thanks to the lightweight but sturdy foam-lined metal flight case. The case has built-in compartments for all detachable accessories to prevent damage to them and to the microscope during transport.

If you wish to purchase a microscope please contact Alison Pomeroy or Jan Shackleford on 0800 258 5250 or email to