BOHS Conference – Harrogate 2017

Richard Pomeroy, Managing Director ABP Associates Ltd, speaks at the BOHS – The Premier Conference for Occupational Hygiene in the UK Harrogate International Centre 24-27 April 2017.


This year’s presentation was entitled “Key Considerations for Worker Protection During Removal of Asbestos Contaminated Soil and Made Ground”.  The asbestos sessions were well attended and there was plenty of interaction during the Questions and Answers at the end.

Independent Schools Bursars Association

Managing Director, Richard Pomeroy, was invited to speak for two consecutive years at the ISBA annual conference.  Richard’s presentation included the management of abestos in schools as well as:-

  • New HSE Guidance
  • Regulation 4 – The Duty to Manage (Control of Asbestos 2012)
  • Asbestos in Soils


RICS CPD Day – Southampton

Richard Pomeroy, Managing Director of ABP Associates Ltd, speaks at RICS CPD Day at the Grand Harbour Hotel (12th October 2016).


Identification and Safe Removal

Legal Essentials and details of recent prosecutions

Issues relating to professional indemnity

Guidance on short duration limited exposure works.

The conference was we attended with over 160 delegates throughout the day.

International Surveying for ABP Associates Ltd

During 2016 we have carried out nearly 200 surveys in Italy for a client. Offering an outstanding service to them with efficiency and accuracy in all surveys and reports issued.

We welcome work from all over Europe and the world.


MD Rick Pomeroy speaks at BOHS Conference 2016 on Asbestos in Soils


In June MD Rick Pomeroy was a guest speaker at the OH2016 Conference in Glasgow.

Rick covered the following issues in his speech:

Strategies for protecting workers health

Legal requirements and guidance

Asbestos in soils

Understanding & Managing the risks

Made ground remediation

Control Measures inc PPE

Monitoring on Control Measures.

NEW International courses for BOHS

ABP Associates Ltd are to begin running the New BOHS International courses in Bulk sampling/Surveying and Identification of bulk samples.

IP402 International Proficiency Qualification Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings

IP402 course aims to improve the knowledge and skills of asbestos surveyors to a standard which minimises the risk of exposure to airborne asbestos fibres.

This 3 day course is for anyone residing in a country that does not have a recognised asbestos surveying qualification

IP405 International Proficiency Qualification 

This 4 day course aims to provide candidates with practical knowledge and skills to manage asbestos in buildings and to provide a basic knowledge of asbestos knowledge procedures

If you would like further information regarding either of these courses please call the office on 02380 528571

Vacancy – Experienced Asbestos Surveyor/Analyst

ABP Associates Ltd are looking to recruit an experienced Asbestos Surveyor/Analyst.

We require at least 2 years experience with applicants possessing a P402 & P403 certificate.

Please send your CV and cover letter to

New BOHS Asbestos in Soils Module

ABP Associates Ltd is excited to announce that we will shortly be running the new BOHS asbestos in soils courses. These course are: P408 – Identification of asbestos in soils (PLM)

P409 – Strategies and sampling of soils for asbestos

P410 – Inspection of soils following asbestos remediation

P411 – Management of asbestos projects by the Analyst

UKAS Accredited Mobile Laboratory Service

ABP Associates Ltd offer a unique mobile laboratory solution. Our mobile laboratory is accredited by UKAS to allow on-site analysis of air testing, including clearance air tests.

The laboratory is a stand-alone unit that can operate without the need of external utilities such as electricity or water. The area converted comprises of full wipe down walls, floor and ceiling with additional lighting and laboratory equipment.

The ability for a mobile laboratory to be set up in remote locations means than we can provide faster on site reporting and management.

If you would like further information regarding our Mobile Laboratory Service or to discuss your individual asbestos testing requirements please contact us on 0800 258 5250.

Phase Contrast Microscope

McCrone Icon

Our sister company are pleased to introduce you to their new and exciting Novex Phase Contrast Microscope for asbestos fibre counting. The microscope is supplied in a tough durable case with all you need including  x10 and x40 phase objectives, abbe condenser, slide-insert centrable phase rings, phase telescope, daylight filter and so on. This microscope is robust yet accurate for works in the field and is at the very competitive price of £2750 excluding VAT and delivery.

Should you require further information or would like a demonstration of the Novex then please contact the sales department of McCrone UK Limited on 0800 258 5250 or 02380 522 620.


  • Two 12.5x wide field, high eye point focusable eyepieces with rubber shields
  • Walton & Beckett type 22 reticle
  • 40x 0.65NA phase objective
  • 10x phase or 4x objective for low-magnification filter scan
  • Microscope 1Abbe condenser with centrable iris
  • Slide-insert centrable phase rings
  • X-Y transfer controls below mechanical stage
  • Kohler-type illumination
  • Field iris
  • Phase telescope
  • Green filter
  • Luxury foam-lined case

Developed with assistance from Jean Prentice MSc (Hons) of McCrone Consulting LLP, this microscope is fully compliant with the HSG 248 requirements for phase contrast microscopes used for fibre counting

The microscope is simple and easy to use, and even easier to transport thanks to the lightweight but sturdy foam-lined metal flight case. The case has built-in compartments for all detachable accessories to prevent damage to them and to the microscope during transport.

Microscope 2