RSPH Certificate in Asbestos Surveying

This three day course aims to provide the theory, practical knowledge and skills required for surveying buildings for asbestos. This course is based around HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide.

The candidate is assessed on their practical competence during the course which culminates in a written exam (short answer questions). The exam is set and administered by RSPH and subject to successful completion of the exam and practical tasks will lead to the attainment of the certificate.

Course Tutor

Richard Pomeroy BSc (Hons); Colin Bull BEng

Course Content

Unit One: Management of Asbestos in Buildings
Unit Two: Asbestos Surveying
Unit Three: Bulk Sampling of Asbestos
Unit Four: Decontamination Units and H type vacuum cleaners during Asbestos Surveys

*Candidates should have prior knowledge of all areas which are defined within the qualification syllabus.