Course Tutor:

Richard Pomeroy BSc (Hons)

Course Dates:

7-9 March 2017  /  1-3 August  /  30 October – 1st November 2017


This course aims to provide practical knowledge and the skills to be able to manage asbestos in premises and to provide a basic knowledge of asbestos management plans, policies and procedures, their
implementation and checks on effectiveness.

Topics Covered

  • Legislation
  • Use of Asbestos, Types and Characterisation
  • Management of Asbestos in Premises
  • Controlling Work on the Fabric of Premises

The full BOHS syllabus can be viewed here.

Course Duration

3 days including exam.

Prior Knowledge

The entry level for this course is P405 or CCP (Asbestos). Candidates are expected to have a good knowledge and understanding of HSG227 “A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Asbestos in Premises”. The P407 has a report requirement to submit either a management plan or a critical review of a management plan.

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