At ABP Associates we have a number of analytical services we can provide. We are very proud of our laboratory and participate fully in quality control schemes to ensure we are giving our clients the best possible service.


Our bespoke laboratory is located in the same building as our Southampton offices. The Jean Prentice Laboratory is accredited by UKAS to conduct analysis for asbestos in bulk samples, sampling and analysis of asbestos fibres in air, and recently ACMs and asbestos fibres in aggregate materials.

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Bulk Analysis

Analysis of bulk samples for asbestos is a standard test with quick turnaround times. At ABP we report all types of asbestos found in the samples. As the test is qualitative, we are unable to provide an estimate of the amount of asbestos present.

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Air Sampling & Clearance Testing

Air testing is a UKAS-accredited activity which cannot be carried out in the lab. We send our analysts to site in order to carry out background, reassurance or leak testing. Additionally, issue clearance certificates for the reoccupation of areas where asbestos works have been carried out are issued on site, and we can carry out personal air monitoring if requested.

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Asbestos in Soils

Soil covers most of the Earth’s surface in one form or another. Asbestos can sometimes be found as contamination in soil. Our method allows us to identify ACMs and loose asbestos fibres.

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Asbestos in Aggregate

Construction aggregate is a bulky material which may be contaminated with asbestos. We have developed our own method which enables us to offer reporting of results within 24 hours if required. Analysis is conducted in the Jean Prentice Laboratory.

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