ABP Associates Ltd

ABP Associates are a family run business based in Southampton, with a satellite office in Stoney Stratford, Milton Keynes. Our UKAS accredited laboratories provide testing facilities for analysis of bulk samples, water absorption testing, asbestos in soils analysis (qualitative and quantitative) and asbestos in aggregates analysis. Our principal ethos is to provide technical excellence partnered with a high quality service whilst maintaining value for money for every client, large or small.

Our surveying capabilities cover domestic, commercial and industrial surveys for all types of asbestos surveys; management, refurbishment and demolition.  The services we provide are delivered nationwide to customers in both public and private sectors including transportation (rail), healthcare, housing, local authority and education.

We have mobile laboratories equipped to conduct on site air testing for clearance air testing (post asbestos removal), react to an asbestos incident or conduct routine environmental monitoring during asbestos in soil remediation.

Asbestos in soils is a potential issue for all developments on brownfield sites in the UK. ABP Associates have a wealth of experience in asbestos in soil investigations using trial pit or window sampling techniques, carrying out watching briefs and with our in house accredited asbestos in soil laboratory, we are able to provide our clients with detailed interpretative reports as required.

We also provide consultancy to interpret the conclusions of a site investigation report, the remediation strategy and provide on-site project management services during asbestos in soils remediation.

ABP Associates are market leaders in asbestos training whether they are bespoke or professional BOHS courses offering a range of technical and practical courses for those managing asbestos or professionals in the industry.  We are also IATP approved training providers for Asbestos awareness, Non-licensable work with asbestos  (including NNLW) and licensable work with asbestos.   Finally asbestos awareness for soils training which is essential for site staff and can be taught on site as required.

ABP Associates provide face fit testing to ensure the correct fitting of respiratory protective equipment, which is essential for all employees issued with tight fitting face masks.

Asbestos Inspection at ABP Southampton

Our surveys are carried out in line with the international standard ISO 17020, We are always happy to inspect all types of properties whilst working closely with our clients throughout their projects to ensure we deliver the best possible service. All of the samples generated on site are analysed in our laboratory.

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Asbestos Testing at ABP Southampton

Our bespoke laboratory is based in the same building as our offices in Southampton. We are UKAS-accredited to analyse bulk samples, soils and aggregates for asbestos. We can test ACMs (asbestos containing materials) for water absorption. We are also accredited for air testing which includes background, reassurance or leak testing, personal air monitoring and four-stage clearances.

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Asbestos Training at ABP Southampton

At ABP we pride ourselves on the high standard of training delivered to all of our students. Training includes general asbestos awareness, the BOHS P- modules and non-licensed asbestos removal (TASK) training. All of our courses have been approved by IATP. We are not limited to delivering training at our own premises, we can also come to you!

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